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In the City of Azusa the only yard sales that are allowed must occur on the following four weekends in 2019. Those dates are:

• April 6 and 7 (Azusa Clean & Green Month)
• June 8 and 9
September 7 and 8
• December 7 and 8

Please note that all yard sales can only occur on Saturday and Sunday weekends. The yard sales are free and require no city permit, but must adhere to the regulations listed below:


  • No permits or fees are required
  • Sales can only take place from residential property between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Saturday and Sunday
  • All items must be used and not manufactured or acquired from elsewhere for resale
  • No signs can be posted on public property (Utility poles, light poles, street signs, or in the parkway)
  • Sales may not be held on public sidewalks, parkways, streets, or alleys
  • Food is not permitted to be sold at these events 
  • Persons holding illegal sales are subject to fines up to $500

Azusa Municipal Code

Yard Sale Ordinance