Pool Use Information

  1. Everyone must pay to enter the pool facility, swimming or not.
  2. Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by a parent, guarding or responsible adults 18 or older.
  3. Bathing suits are required, no cut-offs, shorts with zippers, no t-shirts or cover-ups allowed in water. (Please see bathing suit policy below)
  4. City of Azusa is not responsible for articles checked in or left in lockers or general areas. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items
  5. Use of water slide is restricted to swimmers 48 inches or taller. Water slide user must follow lifeguards instructions. One user at a time. User’s arms and legs must be crossed and held against body.
  6. Swim test is required on all swimmers who use deep water areas. Wristbands are required of all swimmers in deep water areas.
  7. No diving in shallow water areas. Diving off diving boards only.
  8. No smoking, drinks, chairs, radio, body boards or personal floatation devices. Food may only be consumed in “Dolphin Dining” Area. No glass containers. Snack Bar is provided at all night swims and on Saturday and Sunday recreation swims
  9. All lifeguard instructions must be followed. Violators of pool rules will be removed from the facility with no refund.
  10. All patrons must shower before entering the pool.
  11. Diving board rules - 1 bounce and straight forward.
  12. Swimming allowed only while lifeguards are on duty.
  13. No running on the pool deck.
  14. No horseplay, tag or splash games.

Bathing Suit Policy

ALL PATRONS who wish to be in the water, or near the waters edge must wear a swim suit. No cotton, spandex, denim, undergarments, tank tops, cover ups, t-shirts, clothes with zippers or buttons are allowed in the water. Patrons without proper bathing suit attire may not be eligible for refund.