Schedule PCA

This schedule is applicable to all electric customers served by Azusa Light & Water. Each customer shall pay the applicable rate plus a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) delivered to the customer. The adjustment shall be the product of the total kWh for which the bill is rendered times the PCA amount (cents per kWh).

The purpose of the PCA is to adjust for increases/decreases to the utility’s wholesale power-related costs.

Within the electric service territory of the City of Azusa

Effective July 1 - December 31, 2023
The Power Cost Adjustment per kWh: $0.08000

The PCA billing factor for any given semi-annual period (i.e. six month period) shall be calculated as follows:
PCA = (a) - (c) + (d)
(b) (e)
(a) Equals the utility’s projected “power supply related costs” (PS Costs) for the fiscal year.
(b) Equals projected retail energy sales (in kWh) for the fiscal year.
(c) Equals the baseline energy cost for the utility. At July 1, 2023, this amount is $0.05438 per kWh.
(d) A “true-up” equaling the difference between actual and budgeted PS Costs for the prior six month true-up period. (The true-up for the May – October period is implemented during the following January – June period. The true-up for the November – April period is implemented during the following July – December period.)
(e) Equals the projected sales level (in kWh) for the applicable six month period of implementation of the “true up” determined in paragraph “d” above.

Special Conditions

The PCA for any semi-annual period shall be adjusted to reflect franchise fees and in lieu transfer costs. At July 1, 2023, this amount is ten (10) percent.

“Power supply related costs” shall include all costs of power supply including, but not limited to, costs of power production, power purchases, transmission, losses, CAISO, capacity, REC’s, environmental allowances, and dispatch & scheduling; reduced by third party power sales revenue.