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Detective Bureau

Investigating crimes and the relentless purusit of those responsible for them is the job of the Azusa Police Department Detective's Bureau. 

After an initial police report is taken by a patrol officer, the case is delivered to the detective bureau for their investigation.

The bureau is divided into the following sections:
  • Property Crimes - These are crimes such as vandalism, forgery, credit card theft, burglaries ,auto thefts, etc.
  • •Person Crimes - These are crimes such as domestic violence, robberies, stabbings, shootings, etc.
  • •Sex Crimes - These are crimes such as rape, sexual assaults, child abuse, child molestations, etc.
  • •Gang Crimes - These are any cases involving gang members
  • •Special Enforcement Team - These are crimes involving narcotics and high-profile cases.

How Cases Are Processed

Many times, victims wonder what is happening with their case. With the myriad of TV shows showing crimes being solved in one episode, this can lead to frustration from victims.

The Azusa Police Department's Detective Bureau prides itself on completing thorough investigations. This means making sure all of the facts, evidence, procedures and laws have been gathered, followed and processed into a case. We do not rush to judgment or wish to prosecute innocent people. Unfortunately, this process can take time as our detectives not only put the pieces together, but seal them tight for prosecution.

Once the detective bureau has completed their part, they will forward the case package to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. The district attorney will determine whether the case should be prosecuted, or if more work is needed on the part of law enforcement. Once the conditions are met, the district attorney will then prosecute those individuals responsible for the crime.

How To Contact Us

If you would like to contact a member of the detective bureau, call (626) 812-3200, and request to speak to the detective handling your case. Please have your case number handy, if you don't know which detective is assigned to you.

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