Economic Development Division

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Named Most Business-Friendly City 2018 by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.


The Economic Development Division is committed to promoting economic growth and fostering a supportive business environment for prospective and existing businesses in the city. It is essential to retain, attract, and maintain the type of businesses that contribute positively to the local economy and ensure a high quality of life. 

Below are the goals of the Economic Community Development Division:

  •    Create a high-quality employment environment for Azusa residents. 
  •    Support local entrepreneurship. 
  •    Help Azusa’s businesses. 
  •    Create a unique place with high quality of life for all its residents. 
  •    Ensure the occupational diversity of Azusa’s job base.


1. Streamlined regulatory processes            2. Development liaison services

3. Local incentives and grants                      4. Development Review Committee



Growing Downtown

With a rapidly developing downtown, the heart of Azusa beats strong and loud. Be a part of the revitalization.

Document (4)Connected to SoCal

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Azusa provides easy access to the LA Metro area while keeping its small-town character. We are centrally located with freeway access and two Metro L Line stations. 

Full Service City

Azusa is a full service city with its own Library, Police and Light & Water Departments. We pride ourselves on having personal and professional relationships with our businesses. Quality and service you can count on.

Young and Smart

Home to the top-ranked Azusa Pacific University as well as nationally recognized high schools, we pride ourselves on an education system that empowers students to be smart, dynamic and ready for the challenges of tomorrow. 

Progressive Decision Making

Azusa is dedicated to improving the quality of life for its residents through its commitment to investing in resources that raise the standard of living. 

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Diverse Mix of Businesses

From small family-owned shops to multi-national companies, Azusa is home to an incredibly diverse mix of thriving businesses. 


Family Oriented with Housing Options for All

Azusa accommodates every kind of housing need, whether it's small rental units or homes in the foothills. No matter the budget, you can find a place in Azusa to call home. 

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Gateway to Outdoor Recreation

Azusa is the gateway to the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Whether it’s hiking, riding, fishing or bungee jumping, there’s almost nothing you can’t do.