Vacant and Abandoned Property Registration

Ordinance 2016-O7

Effective September 19, 2016, Azusa City Council adopted the Registration and Maintenance of Vacant and Abandoned Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties Ordinance.  

It is the purpose and intent of the city council, through the adoption of this article, to define the responsibilities of owners of, and to establish registration and monitoring programs for, vacant commercial, industrial and residential buildings and properties.

Registration Form for Vacant and Abandoned Property

Local Property Management Requirement

As part of Ordinance 2016-O7, property owners are required to be posted with the name and twenty four (24) hour contact phone number of the local property management company.

The posting:

• Should be at least 18 inches by 24 inches;

• Should be posted on the interior of a window facing the street to the front of the property or secured to the exterior of the building/structure of the property. Please note: exterior postings must be constructed of and printed with weather resistant materials.

• Must include the following verbiage: “This property is managed by________, and To report problems or concerns call (name and number).”

For your convenience, a fillable form is available at the link below. Please fill out the form, print and post on your property.

Local Property Management Posting

Optional Opportunity Site Marketing

In an effort to assist property owners in driving economic development to vacant commercial or industrial properties, property owners, at their discretion, are welcomed to upload their marketing profile sheet for their property or property listing.

Profile sheets/property listings will be posted on the City’s website as well as the San Gabriel Valley Economic Development PowerSite website readily available for interested tenants, developers and investors.  If you already have a Property Profile Sheet, you can upload it here.

If you do not have a Property Profile Sheet, please complete this form.