C & D Recyling

Beginning January 1, 2017, all C&D projects in the City of Azusa must recycle or reuse a minimum of 65% of its construction wastes. All covered projects are required to submit a Waste Management Plan and document diversion and disposal for approval by the Building and Safety Department prior to construction or demolition permit issuance. Contractor must provide documentation to demonstrate compliance with the Waste Management Plan after completion of construction or demolition and/or prior to final permit inspection.

Methods of Compliance:

1) Contractors shall submit a waste management plan
2) Utilize a waste management company that certifies a minimum 65% waste diversion
a. Athens Services Haul: Athens Services is the City’s franchised hauler, using them assures compliance with 65% diversion requirement
b. Self-Haul: Contractor is solely responsible for the collection and transportation of C&D waste

Recycling by Occupants:

Where 5 or more multifamily dwelling units are constructed on a building site, provide readily accessible area(s) that serves all buildings on the site and is identified for the depositing, storage and collection of non-hazardous materials for recycling, including (at a minimum) paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, plastics, organic waste, and metals, or meet a lawfully enacted local recycling ordinance, if more restrictive.

For additional information on CALGreen's waste management requirements: (https://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/LGCentral/Library/CandDModel/Instruction/FAQ/#dates)

For more information on permitting process and C&D Debris Recycling & Reuse Program, contact Building and Safety at (626) 812-5234.