Utility Modernization Project

As part of Azusa Light & Water’s (ALW) continuing efforts to improve utility services to its customers, ALW has embarked on a project to modernize the method by which water and electric usage is measured. The project includes replacing all water and electric meters with new, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), meters that will be read remotely instead of having to send someone to your home or business each month to read the meter(s). This will greatly improve operational efficiency, facilitate access to hard-to-read locations, eliminate dog or other animal upsets, and provide customers with additional information regarding their water and electric usage patterns.

The Utility Modernization Project will be implemented in phases over the next 3 years, beginning with a pilot phase in 2018. The bulk of ALW’s water and electric meter replacements will be implemented beginning September 2019. ALW has partnered with industry certified and approved technicians at Utility Partners of America (UPA) to change-out the existing meter(s) with AMI meters.

Azusa Light & Water provides an option for residential customers to opt-out of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) radio communication functionality. This would require your meter to be read manually each month causing a significant expense that would have to be recovered; therefore, opt-out participants would incur a $75.00 per meter setup fee and a $10 per meter monthly fee to cover these costs. Customers must complete the application to opt-out of the Utility Modernization Project.

If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at (626) 812-5225 or AMI Information Hotline at (626) 812-5116. You may also email us at ami-info@azusaca.gov

Utility Modernization Opt-Out Requirements 

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