Aliso Canyon


During cold weather, we use up to 7x more natural gas than in the summer. The demand for gas increases to keep our homes warm, heat up our water, and cook food. But did you know that about 60% percent of the electricity generated in California comes from natural gas? So, a decrease in the availability of natural gas could lead to power outages. Natural gas storage facilities are critically important to maintaining electric system reliability. With the limited availability of natural gas from the Aliso Canyon storage facility, there’s less natural gas locally to produce electricity.

Azusa customers are once again encouraged to work together to help conserve energy on certain days by:

  • Setting thermostat to 68° during winter months
  • Reducing the temperature of water heater
  • Washing clothes in cold water
Azusa Light & Water  will strive to provide information to the public before a power outage but everyone is urged to prepare now!

 Backup power Logo Prepare Alternative Power for Important Equipment
Consider a purchase of backup power supply for sensitive or life support equipment.
 plan ahead Logo Plan Ahead
Have a plan with your family in case of prolonged power outage.



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