Utility Modernization Opt-Out Requirements

Azusa Light & Water customers who are not interested in receiving the benefits of the Utility Modernization Program will be able to opt-out. Please read the utilities policy for electric and water regarding the opt out requirements. 

Customers interested in opting out of an advanced meter must first submit an application for a non-communicating digital meter to Azusa Light & Water so the utility can determine whether the request meets eligibility requirements. 

Eligibility Guidelines to Opt-Out

  • Opt-out requests may only be made by the owner of the property.
  • Residential customers desiring to opt-out of the AMI radio communication meter functionality must complete an opt-out form within 30 days of being notified of the scheduled AMI meter installation.
  • Residential customers that have experienced meter tampering or manipulation, or have been disconnected for non-payment three times, will not be eligible to opt-out of the AMI meter installation.
  • Residential customers with meters that have historically been difficult to disconnect or obtain a reading for billing purposes will not be eligible to opt-out of the AMI meter installation. Meter locations will be evaluated by Azusa Light & Water staff for eligibility.
  • Commercial, Industrial and Solar customers shall not be eligible to opt-out of the AMI installation.
  • Multi-unit dwellings with homeowner and condominium associations may not collectively opt-out of AMI meter installations on behalf of individual residents who are members of the association. Individual residents who are owners of their residences and have individual connections for electric/water service may submit a request a for disabled two-way radio communication meter service pursuant to the requirements set forth herein.

Steps to Opt-Out

Eligible customers who wish to opt-out of AMI should submit an AMI Opt-Out Application for their utility service(s) and submit to ALW. Customer will receive notification by mail once the application is reviewed and processed.
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