Electric Assistance Programs

electric assistance

Azusa Light & Water’s Electric Assistance Program provides temporary financial assistance to residential customers that are facing financial challenges. Eligible income qualified customers that are experiencing a financial hardship may apply for the Electric Assistance Program. The Electric Assistance Program provides a one-time annual bill credit of $80.00 toward the electric portion of the Azusa Light & Water billing statement.

Electric Assistance Program Eligibility:

To apply for the Electric Assistance Program, applicants must meet the following conditions in order to qualify for the assistance program.

1)    The Azusa Light & Water account holder must dwell and claim the residential premise as a primary residence and must have an active utility account for a minimum of 6 months.
2)    Must meet the program income qualifications*.
3)    If there is a past due amount for the ALW account an Installment Agreement to amortize the past due balance must be submitted prior to the approval and issuance of the one-time bill credit.
4)    Complete the Electric Assistance Program Application and provide copies of most recent Tax Returns.

Household Income Qualifications:

Household Size Household Yearly Income

Household Size: Household Yearly Income:
One Person Less than $41,400
Two PeopleLess than $47,300
Three PeopleLess than $53,200
Four PeopleLess than $59,100
Five PeopleLess than $63,850
Six PeopleLess than $68,600
Seven PeopleLess than $73,300
Eight or more PeopleLess than $78,050

 **For Households over 8 People add $8,840.00 Per Person

How to apply for the Electric Assistance Program

At this time, the application process is only available online. 

To submit the application for Azusa Light & Water’s Electric Assistance Program please click on the application icon below.  

Once the application is submitted please allow 4 to 6 weeks to process the program application. If the application is approved please allow an additional one to two billing statements for the credit to reflect on the electric portion of the billing statement.

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