Mountain Cove


On December 16, 2002, the City Council adopted resolution no. 02-C142 establishing the formation of the Mountain Cove - Community Facilities District #2002-1. The City Council issued tax-exempt bonds in the amount of $8,980,000 to facilitate the infrastructure and development of the Mountain Cove community.

The City facilities and services that are financed and constructed utilizing the proceeds from the sale of these bonds were: the roads, sewer, utilities, bridge(s), sidewalks, street lights, flood control services, police and fire protection services.

The Mountain Cove community is comprised of approximately 327 single family residences that are split into three distinct developments: the Wildwoods, the Sagewoods, and the Copperwood.

For more information please contact Talika Johnson, Director of Finance at (626) 812-5202.

Important Dates



Resolution of Intent
to Establish

November 18, 2002

Resolution for Formation of CFD

December 16, 2002

Bond Issue

December 17, 2002

Foreclosure Covenants

October 1 (Yes)

Important Documents

  • Resolution No. 02-C133 - Intent to Establish CFD
  • Resolution No. 02-C142 - Formation of CFD

Important Details



Bond / Escrow Maturity Date

2026 / 2032

Authorized Debt Amount


Bond Issuance Amount


Bond Interest Rate


Bond Call Notice

30 to 60 days

Redemption Premium


Reserve Fund Requirement

10% or $875,328.14

Los Angeles County Fund Number(s)



This document is being provided for informational purposes only.

The special taxes relative to the Community Facilities District (CFD) are determined by the City Council. All of other taxes or charges levied are determined through the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office.