Library Fees and Charges

  • $0.30 per day per overdue item (book, audio book, DVD and music CD)
  • $0.15 per day per overdue item (Children's books)
  • The library does not send paper notices through the mail. Please provide the library staff with your email address
  • If an account is sent to a collection agency, fees are charged in the amount of $20 per item, plus the price of the item less $.50
  • For lost items, the fine will be the cost of the item plus a $15 processing fee
  • $0.15 for black and white copies - printing and photocopying
  • $0.25 for colored copies - printing and photocopying
  • $2 per item requested through Interlibrary Loan
  • For customers who do not have a library card, a Guest Pass my be purchased for Internet access. A Guest Pass is $2 and allows the customer access to the Internet for 2 hour

Fax Service

  • Domestic: $2 for 1st page, $1 per each remaining page
  • International: $4 for 1st page, $1 per each remaining page

Notary Services

  • Notary service is available for a fee of $15 per notarized signature

Merchandise Sales

  • USB Drives $4
  • Canvas Bags $2