Temporary Service


  • Temporary water service refers to metered water service that is subject to removal or relocation in the future. Applications include, but are not limited to, construction, street sweeping, or other non-permanent service connections.
  • Use of temporary service water meters may be limited to designated connection points as set forth by representatives of Azusa Light & Water.


  • The applicant shall establish credit and the amount of prepayment shall be $1,200 plus a 1-time charge of $200.
  • Where it is necessary for the Utility to install a temporary service line and meter, the applicant will pay in advance the estimated cost to install, plus the estimated cost of removal, less the estimated salvage of the facilities necessary for furnishing service.
  • The minimum charge for each such connection or any water supplied shall not be less than the prevailing service charge as set forth in the rate schedule.
  • Temporary meters shall be billed according to rates set forth under the Water Rate Schedule.


Representatives of Azusa Light and Water will watch for illegal connections to the City's water system and report information to appropriate City personnel.

  • Violators who make any type of un-metered connection to the system shall be given a 1-time warning and an initial charge of $100. Documentation of the incident will be maintained by Azusa Light & Water.
  • Subsequent violations will result in a charge equal to $250 plus 2 times the estimated amount of water consumed for each violation.
  • Violators may, at the discretion of the City, be back billed for the estimated consumption used during the period that can be reasonably established, not to exceed 36 months.

Meter Reading

  • Temporary meters that are designated to a single point of connection shall be secured in place for the purpose of meter reading.
  • Meters with multiple points of designated connection must be brought to Azusa Light & Water Office at 729 N. Azusa Avenue during business hours the 3rd week of every month for purpose of meter reading.
  • Damaged meters should be reported immediately. Failure to comply may result in loss of temporary water meter privileges.