CRV Centers in Azusa


When purchasing beverages in California, consumers pay a California Retail Value (CRV). The CRV amount is a redemption payment on beverage containers. This payment is refunded when the container is taken to a CRV Center.

The purpose of this state program is to recycle 80 percent of all aluminum, glass, plastic, and bimetal beverage containers sold in California.


CRV is $0.05 on containers less than 24 ounces and $0.10 on containers 24 ounces or larger.


There are 2 CRV redemption centers in Azusa:

PRC Collection

Edgewood Shopping Center Parking Lot
273 E. Gladstone St.

Greenhouse Recycling

915 W. Foothill Blvd.
(877) 957-3592


Beverage containers include those containing:
  • Beer and malt beverages
  • Wine and distilled spirit coolers
  • Carbonated and noncarbonated fruit drinks
  • Carbonated and noncarbonated water
  • Coffee and tea beverages
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Sport drinks


Call 1-800-RECYCLE for more information.