Used Oil Recycling


Used motor oil is a hazardous material and must be properly disposed. There are four certified used oil collection centers in Azusa. They will accept your used motor oil and pay you 40 cents per gallon. Azusa residents may also pick up a free oil recycling drain pan at these centers (while supplies last). Be sure to contact centers for business hours and quantities accepted. All of Azusa’s centers also accept used filters for recycling.

This program is funded by a grant from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery

Oil Collection Centers

736 E. Alosta Ave.

Ph:  (626) 733-9050

Jiffy Lube #640

808 E. Alosta Ave.

Ph: (626) 334-4581

O'Reilly Auto Parts

345 N. Citrus Ave.

Ph: (626) 969-7941

Oil recycle image