Schedule WH/SH

This schedule is applicable to domestic use of electricity as sole source of energy - other than solar - for water and/or space heating. It is supplemental to Schedule D.

This schedule applies to territories within the electric service territory of the City of Azusa.

Customer charge per meter, per month: $5.80

Energy charge:
  • First 250 kwh, per kwh: 10.91¢
    Allowance for water heating, per month
  • 250 kwh, per kwh: 10.91¢
    Allowance for space heating, per month*
  • 550 kwh, per kwh: 10.91¢
    All excess kwh, per kwh 14.87¢

*From November 1 to April 30

Special Conditions
  • The above rates are subject to fuel cost adjustment
  • A State Surcharge Tax may be added to the above rate
  • Residence requesting discount rate shall be verified by City employee of its heating equipment on premises