Schedule OL

This service is applicable to outdoor area lighting service, other than street and highway lighting service, where the Utility owns and maintains the area lighting equipment.

This service applies to all areas within the electric service territory of the City of Azusa.


Type of Light

Existing Pole

New Pole

Mercury Vapor
7,000 Lumen (175W)



20,000 Lumen (400W)



High-Pressure Sodium
9,500 Lumen (100W)



25,500 Lumen (250W)



Special Conditions
Operating and Maintaining Equipment
The Utility will, at its own expense, install, operate, and maintain its standard overhead outdoor lighting equipment. Facilities will consist of a luminaire with a photo electric switch control and a support, mounted on a Utility-owned pole at which 120V service is readily available. All facilities will be owned and maintained by the Utility.

Replacing Lamps
The Utility will replace burned out lamps and otherwise maintain the luminaire during regular daytime working hours as soon as practicable following notification by the customer.

This service will be furnished only if the installation is considered by the Utility to be of a permanent and established character. If the customer requests the removal of service during the first two years of service, there will be a $173.98 charge to remove the facilities, or a $695.91 charge if removal of the pole is required.

The Utility will supply the energy which is included in the monthly rate.

Hours of Service
Burning hours will be from dusk to dawn, aggregating approximately 4,080 hours per year. Credit will not be allowed for lamp outages.

Other Special Conditions
The above rate is subject to fuel cost adjustment.
A State Surcharge Tax may be added to the above rate.