Disputed Bills

For customers disputing their bill, the following rules apply:
  • The customer may request a review by the Utility within 15 days of receipt of the bill.
  • The review shall include consideration of whether the customer should be permitted to amortize the unpaid balance of his account over a reasonable period of time, not to exceed a 12 month period.
  • No termination of service will be effected for any customer complying with the amortization agreement if the customer also keeps the account current as charges accrue in each subsequent billing period.
  • In lieu of paying the disputed bill the customer may deposit with the Director of Utilities of the City of Azusa the amount claimed by the Utility to be due.
  • Upon receipt of the deposit, the Utility will review the basis of the billed amount, communicate the results of the review to the parties, and make disbursement of the deposit.
  • Service will not be discontinued for nonpayment of the disputed bill when a deposit has been made with the Director of Utilities pending the outcome of the review.
  • Failure of the customer to make such deposit within 15 days after presentation of the disputed bill and prior to the expiration of the 15 day disconnection of service notice will warrant discontinuance of his service without further notice.
  • If additional bills become due before completion of the Director of Utilities' review, he shall also deposit with the Director of Utilities the additional amounts claimed by the Utility to be due for such additional bills before they become past due. Failure to do so will warrant discontinuance of his service.
  • Any customer whose complaint or request for investigation regarding a bill for electric service has resulted in a determination by the Utility which is adverse to him may appeal such determination to the Azusa City Council.