Public Information Office

Communications Program Mission
To broadcast and inform the public in a timely and concise manner about information, City issues, programs, meetings and services to enhance their awareness, understanding, interest and involvement.

Communications Program
The Pubic Information Office is responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive internal and external communications objectives for the City of Azusa, the City’s community owned public utility Azusa Light & Water, and administering the day to day operations of City’s government cable TV station.

Communications Program Goals and Objectives
  • Serve as the communications link between the City and its residents
  • Increase interest and participation in City services, programs, events and activities
  • Promote City Council and department goals, initiatives, programs and services
  • Ensure City residents have easy access to information and services through the City cable TV station, print, and Internet
  • Ensure that the media has timely and accurate information to dispatch to our mutual audiences.