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How do I report items in the City to be fixed?
For emergencies after hours, call the Azusa Police at (626) 812-3200

For problems Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, please report the following problems:

Uplifted Sidewalks
Sewer Problems

You may report these issues by phone at (626)812-5244 or email us or fill out a form online.

Please report graffiti to (626) 812-5253 or email us.

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1. How do I report items in the City to be fixed?
2. How much are the fees for public works permits?
3. Where can I dispose items that can harm the environment?
4. Where can I dispose an old stove, mattress, couch, etc.?
5. What recycling programs does the City have to offer?
6. Where do I report abandoned shopping carts?
7. I would like to report overgrown weeds. Whom should I contact?
8. When is my street scheduled to be swept?
9. How do I get my parkway tree trimmed?
  1. Azusa County CA Homepage

  1. City of Azusa

  1. 213 E Foothill Boulevard

  1. Azusa, CA 91702

  1. Phone: 626-812-5200

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