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Can I distribute flyers or advertising material in Azusa?
The City of Azusa does not allow the distribution of handbills in the City without a Handbill Distribution Business License.
A 'handbill' is: Any printed or written advertising matter, any advertising sample or device or dodger, circular, leaflet, pamphlet, newspaper, paper, booklet or any other printed matter or literature.
Unfortunately, handbills create trash, though this may not be the intention of the distributor. It is for this reason, among others, that this requirement is enforced.
Distribution: Handbills may not be placed on public property, private property or vehicles except in such a manner as to ensure that they will not be blown about or scattered by the elements. Handbills may not be thrown or scattered anywhere in the City.
Handbills may not be distributed between the hours of 9:00PM of any day and 8:00AM of the following day.
A sample of the intended advertising media must be submitted with the Business License Application. Any intended distribution of media that is deemed lewd, provocative or sexually explicit is prohibited.
Please contact the Business License Division with any questions regarding Handbill Distribution or license fees by calling (626) 812-5249.

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